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Why Does My Pet Do That?

June 14, 2021

Why Does My Dog Bark at a Vacuum?

Your pooch probably sees it as a threat and is barking to scare it off. Help your pup get more comfortable through counterconditioning. Every time he sees the machine, give him a treat so he learns to associate it with something good. Gradually get your dog closer to the vacuum by rewarding him with goodies when he approaches, working in short sessions and paying attention to his response. If you're right near the vacuum and your dog is too scared to take the treat, go back to the distance he was able to handle so you can end on a positive note. Then try again another time.

Why Does My Cat Want to Sit on My Keyboard?

This is all about you! Cats are more social than people give them credit for and your cat just wants to spend time with you. He wants your attention and your company. And as a bonus, the keyboard is nice and toasty providing the perfect spot for a catnap. If you're desperate to get your kitty off your keyboard while you work, transfer him to something near you that's equally warm and cozy, such as a heated cat pad.

Why Does My Dog Tilt His Head When I Talk to Him?

There could be a few reasons for this behavior. It could be to get better listening by preventing floppy ears from blocking ear canals. Or it may be for a better look if your pup has a larger muzzle he's looking around. Just as likely, your pooch has picked up on the fact that you find this adorable. So your reward of an "Awww!" keeps him coming back to get this positive reaction out of you.

Why Does My Cat Knead Her Paws on My Lap?

This is often a sign of affection and contentment. Kittens knead to stimulate milk ejection from their mother, and the action can call to mind the positive experience of being fed. As adults, cats typically revert to these mini-massages when they feel comfortable with someone. Keep it a happy experience for both of you by regularly trimming your cat's claws or slip a blanket beneath for extra padding.

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