McKinney Animal Hospital

A full service small animal hospital

Our hospital is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association. We view this as a chance to live up to a higher standard to better serve our clients and their animal companions. We offer a wide variety of unique services designed to help us serve you to the best of our abilities.


Our main concern at McKinney Animal Hospital is the welfare of your pets. Should you have any questions about their health, please contact us.

phone 972-548-0749

Vaccinations and parasite testing

To help keep your canine and feline family members healthy and happy, we recommend your pet receive an annual examination by one of our veterinarians.  At that time, we can update your pets on their vaccinations and parasite screening tests. Since all our pets are individuals and experience a variety of lifestyles, we tailor vaccinations to your pet based on their age and living conditions.

Senior and geriatric care

As part of our increased vigilance to uncover any conditions brought on by advancing age, we recommend routine blood testing to determine if there is any early disease affecting your pet’s health. Progression of many old age diseases can be easily managed in your pet with just a diet change or the addition of an oral supplement, so we like to find these sooner rather than later.


McKinney Animal Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities available to hospitalize your pets. Our hospitalized patients receive personalized care throughout their stay from our experienced veterinary technicians under the direction of our veterinarians.

Diagnostic and laboratory services

We are able to provide a variety of diagnostic options to speed proper diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s illness. We have a full in-house laboratory to perform most bloodwork within an hour’s time. We are equipped with a radiograph machine for full digital X-ray services. We also use an outside laboratory for more extensive blood testing.


We provide a full complement of elective surgical procedures, including neuters, spays, declaws, and mass removals. We are also able to provide a majority of emergency and non-elective surgical procedures such as C-sections, intestinal foreign body removals, urinary bladder stone removals, and leg amputations.

Dental services

We offer a complete range of dental care services. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in proper teeth cleaning techniques and a veterinarian always examines your pet’s mouth to determine if any further dental procedures are necessary.

Laser therapy

Because of the many benefits of laser therapy, McKinney Animal Hospital is proud to offer this non-invasive treatment option for our patients. Laser therapy is an affordable, surgery free, and drug free treatment to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase speed of healing.


McKinney Animal Hospital offers medical acupuncture for pets. Medical acupuncture is the use of acupuncture therapy to help pets recover from injury and illness. Each medical acupuncture treatment is tailored to your pet’s unique needs based on a thorough medical history, physical examination, and examination and assessment of their neurological and musculoskeletal systems.


To help keep your pet clean and beautiful, we offer expert grooming and bathing services. Our highly experienced groomer can cut your pets’ hair to meet your wishes, paint their nails, and even put bows in their hair!


In the event your pet has to spend the night away from home for any period of time, we offer year round boarding at McKinney Animal Hospital. Our boarding facility provides a safe and clean environment to make your companion’s visit enjoyable and worry free.