Hospitalization services

McKinney Animal Hospital

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Most pet patients respond well to medical treatments by recuperating at home with their families. However, there are times they need more focused care or advanced treatments requiring hospitalization to get them better. At McKinney Animal Hospital, your pet receives comprehensive medical care in a full-service facility, offering advanced procedures and personalized care for a positive recovery. Hospitalization can be a traumatic event for any pet, and we offer the most efficient and caring treatment in a warm, comfortable environment to soothe and reassure the patient and owner. We promote successful healing and recovery through our advanced diagnostics, high quality veterinary care, and a pain-free experience. Pet owners have access to all pertinent information as we discuss every treatment option available for your pet.

Some of the services available to patients in our hospital include:

  • Medication and pain management, either oral or intravenous
  • Vital system monitoring, such as respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate
  • IV fluids to prevent dehydration and sustain electrolyte balance
  • Oxygen supplementation
  • Blood and blood products transfusion therapy

Your pet is our first priority—we provide care that reflects your pet’s needs and personality, offering gentle support and comfort along with medical treatments. While your pet is hospitalized, we encourage you to contact us regarding your pet’s status. The veterinarian is available to give regular updates and will advise you of progress or any concerns that may arise.

We hope that your pets will never need our hospital care, but if they should, be assured that they will received the highest quality care when they are hospitalized at McKinney Animal Hospital.