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Dental services

Imagine not brushing your teeth for a couple of weeks, or even a couple of years! … well, that is how your pet feels. Dentistry is an important part of health care that can increase your pets’ life and even make them more pleasurable to be around. Plaque and tartar build-up on your pets’ teeth and under the gum line are continuous processes that lead to bad breath, tooth loss, and even heart, liver, and kidney disease. This happens as the bacteria in the plaque and tartar enters the bloodstream and deposits into one of the body’s major organs causing infection.

At McKinney Animal Hospital, we offer a complete range of dental care services. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in proper teeth cleaning techniques and a veterinarian always examines your pet’s mouth to determine if any futher dental procedures are necessary. We offer fully digital dental radiography to determine whether your pets’ teeth are healthy below the gum line. Just as your dentist takes X-rays of your teeth, we recommend that your pets receive the same care to keep their healthy smiles throughout their lives. For more extensive procedures, we have a veterinary dentist come to perform procedures such as root canals and full mouth extractions twice monthly. Dr. Ruth allows us to provide you with a full range of pet dental services all in one building.

We recommend regular toothbrushing to prevent tartar build-up and limit the number of dental cleanings your pets will have to receive throughout their lifetimes. We carry a full line of dental products to assist you in keeping your pets’ teeth clean. Since human toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed, there are special formulations made just for dogs and cats. We can also provide you with oral rinses, chews, or water additives for your pets that will help reduce the bacteria in their mouths. Come by today to find the product best suited to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy!